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A Serious Review of Smoked Wings at 571 Grill and Draft House

Ah, the chicken wing. It’s a defining dish for many upstanding bars and a must-have during football season. This classic weekend delicacy has been filling hungry tummies on game day and beyond for years.

Normally, when you think of wings, you might think of sauce. In fact, the sauce may be how you determine whether you’re eating a great wing or an average wing, you wing connoisseur, you. However, there’s another way to the wing where the focus isn’t on the sauce at all, and 571 Grill & Draft House knows all about it:

The Smoked Wing

A lot of bars are getting in on this trend, a trend that we believe has some serious staying power. At 571 Grill, we start by brining the wings overnight. We wake up bright and early (when you’re still thinking of eggs and bacon, our attention is already on the wings) to give them our 13-spice rub, then we double-smoke them for three-and-a-half hours.

When it’s time to eat, you do your part by placing an order for 10 Sweet N’ Sassy Smoked Wings (better double it up, just in case). We deliver them to your table naked. That’s right: no breading. Just pure smoked wing deliciousness.

Now, we don’t get rid of the sauce entirely. You get to dip your wings in a selection of sauces to create your own flavor combinations using the quantity of sauce you like. No matter how you dip it, that rich smoked flavor shines through.

Is the Smoked Wing a Better Wing?


Can You Elaborate?

Smoking the wings takes a good thing and makes it even better. You have to taste it for yourself, but we think you’ll appreciate the difference.

Where to Find Smoked Wings

They’re popping up in bars (like 571 Grill & Draft House!) all over the country. Of course, if you’re a wing fan, one of your life goals should be to try them all, since wing chefs pride themselves on their unique blends of spices and smoking strategies. And the sauce isn’t just an afterthought: it’s still nice when a bar can deliver an array of thoughtful dipping choices, some of which are made in-house: barbecue, hot, Asian-influenced, fruity, and more.

What to Drink With Your Smoked Wings

You can’t underestimate the power of a fine beer and wing pairing. Beer Advocate suggests a list of beers to pair with smoked meats which include American, English, Irish dry, and oatmeal stouts, among others. The Beer Store suggests a brown ale for consumption with a dry-rub wing.

Now, if you’re going to dip heavily in that sauce, you might want your beer to more closely complement the flavors of the sauce. Keeping in mind that sweeter beers will help balance a spicy sauce, Food & Wine recommends a crisp pilsner if you’re going for hot, hot, hot wings. (If your mouth is really suffering, you might want to drink a cider. Or, in those dire situations where you took the “we have the hottest sauce in the land” gamble, a glass of milk or soda.) If you’re choosing sweeter sauces, like a barbecue sauce, you might drink a slightly bitter English pale ale. Meanwhile, a classic Buffalo sauce goes great with a classic lager.

When in doubt, just order your favorite beer. It’s beer and wings! You can’t go wrong.

Have you ever had a smoked wing? If not (or if so), come on over to 571 Grill and give them a try! You won’t be sorry. Contact us if you have any questions or if you’d like our personal beer-and-wing pairing recommendations. You know, if you like to plan ahead.